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Welcome to TravBot!

TravBot is a travian bot mainly focused on farmlist raiding and village building, but it can be used for many other features and many are yet to come. The bot is still in developement and the goal is to create a fully featured advanced travian bot. Also, it's free!

Main features:

Goldclub farmlist sending

Send farmlist waves automatically. You determine how often and the bot can also stop attacks that are not going through and save you some troops that way.


An extended automated build queue that can build and upgrade buildings and auto build fields in your villages.

Farmlist linking and interval time curve

Multiple farmlists can be sent together at once or with different intervals. The bot also features a profiler. This tool enables you to change the frequency of your attacks depending on the time of day or you can stop sending entirely for certain periods. During the night for example.

Advanced scheduling system

Unlike other bots, TravBot focuses on letting the user control all aspects of its function. All actions the bot takes are scheduled by fully customizable senders that execute various tasks or task groups. This effectively lets you decide all actions the bot should take in your account.

Farm search and adding

This bot can search for inactive farms and add them into farmlists automatically. Bot can fetch data about all the farms on the server at once. It also allows you to add farms within a specified distance range and apply various filters.

Attack warnings

While performing other tasks, the bot can check for attacks and alert you using a notification or send you an email.

TravBot v14
TravBot v14
Built-in customizable delays
Built-in customizable delays
Browser setup
Browser setup
Farmlist settings
Farmlist settings
Time interval curve
Time interval curve
Notification alerts
Notification alerts
Modular task based schedule system
Modular task based schedule system


TravBot can run on all major platforms ( ) and supports offical travian legends (T4.5). Travian kingdoms are not supported.

To start off, download the bot and for setup and usage information head over to the wiki.

The first version of the bot was created in October 2017 and it has been improving ever since. Every now and then the bot might still run into issues. See the contact page for means of reporting issues or seeking support.

Latest updates

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v14.0-rc3 patch notes   (1.03.2021)

  • Slight builder sender improvements
  • Builder sender only visits villages that need to be visited.
  • Builder senders reaction time is lowered to a few seconds when started by the user.
  • Small account dialog adjustements
  • Builder sender not executing
  • Fixed startup errors on linux (Windows LAF NoDefClass)
  • Fixed the bot being unable to log back in after logging itself out.
  • Fixed skipping of tasks that had 100% chance to execute.
  • Builder tab split pane now doesn't obscure the village displays.
  • Settings dialog close button did not close it.

v14.0-rc2 patch notes   (24.02.2021)

  • Senders could not be created
  • Refresh village/farmlist buttons were permantently disabled
  • Loading default table data caused a stackoverflow error.
  • Fixed issues with farmlist account assignment

Consider donating

If you appreciate the work, you can support the developement with a monetary donation.

Thanks to donations I can dedicate more time to developement and improvement of the bot. Donations are the only source of resources that help the bot keep running.

Any donation, no matter how large, would be greatly appreciated.

Support TravBot with a donation

Contribute to bot translation

The bot user interface supports dynamic language change. The system is rather simple but it does work.

If you want to see the bot localised in your own language or any language you know, you can contribute to the TravBot translation spreadsheet. I do update the spreadsheet with new phrases as the developement goes on.

You can also be credited for you work once I create an about section in the bot. Provided you let me know that you helped :).

Translation spreadsheet ⇢