How to install

TravBot is a desktop application that runs on your computer. Here is how to download and install the bot.

  1. Download the latest version from the downloads below
  2. Unpack the downloaded .zip archive into a directory
    You need to use an archive extracting tool like 7Zip or WinRAR. Windows comes with a default unpacker too.
  3. Make sure you have Java and all the necessary requirements installed
    • Run the TravBot .exe executable
    • Run the TravBot .jar executable

      If you downloaded the mutliplatform version.

      On Windows

      The .jar file can start as a regular .exe if you have Java installed and configured properly. It should be opened with the 'Java(TM) Platform SE binary'.

      In general

      The .jar can be always run with the command java -jar <path to the jar file> , for example java -jar TravBot91.jar .

  4. Done
    The bot should be ready to log in. Head over to the wiki page to learn how to best setup and use the bot.


  • TravBot v15.1 Windows
  • TravBot v15.1 Multiplatform
  • TravBot v15.0 Windows
  • TravBot v15.0 Multiplatform
  • TravBot v14.2 Windows
  • TravBot v14.2 Multiplatform
  • TravBot v14.1 Windows
  • TravBot v14.1 Multiplatform
  • TravBot v14.0-rc3 Windows
  • TravBot v14.0-rc3 Multiplatform
  • TravBot v14.0-rc2 Windows
  • TravBot v14.0-rc2 Multiplatform
  • TravBot v14.0-rc1 Windows
  • TravBot v14.0-rc1 Multiplatform
  • Please do leave feedback and report any bugs you may encounter.