How to use?

  • Login

    To login you need to enter your username and password.
    Also don't forget to enter your server and useragent in settings.

    Enter the server like this example ""
    DO NOT include "www","https" or any other characters like "/".

    Also check console for any error messages or warnings.

  • TaskSender

    From v3.0 forward. All automated actions are executed by a TaskSender. Once you log in with the bot. A TaskSender will be created for every farmlist on your account. One special sender will be created as well. This special sender is called the "Utility sender". This sender contains the CropChecker and AttackChecker. You can assign farmlists to different senders using the "Change sender" buttons. Then you can start these senders by checking the checkbox in the "Send" column. But first you need to enter its "From" and "To" times in the table. This is the delay inbetween waves in minutes These times specify how often the sender and its tasks will be executed. The actual delay is then set randomly in the specified from/to interval. You can also set a senders profile using the "Set profile" button. More on that in the Profiler section.

    Another feature of the FarmSender is not sending farms that have had a loss on the raid or if the raid got defended by the enemy. By default, when a farmlist gets sent, the bot will simply uncheck every farm with red/orange swords before sending it. You can disable and tweak this in the settings.

    I recommend linking multiple farmlists to a sender to simulate a real user. The use of the profiler is also advised!

    • The profiler

      Profiler sets a farmlists profile. Depending on the hour of day the profile factor changes. The final delay calculated before is then divided with according factor. This changes frequency of the waves being sent making the bot less noticable and more natural.

      The points in the graph specify the factor = 200% is a 2.0 factor. This means the final delay is going to be divided by 2 making the frequency of attacks 2 times faster. 100% makes no change. 50% makes the farmlist sender effectively twice slower. Making the delays inbetween attacks longer (during the night for example). This feature is fairly new and you should be careful with it. You can save profile into a file and load it up from file later.

    • The profiler minimum factor is "0.1". You can drag the slider lower and it will snap to "0". This factor will simply stop the sender entirely for the specified hour. This for example useful to simulate the player sleeping or similar.

  • FarmAdder

    First, some introduction. The FarmAdder can add farms to a farmlist with data from gettertools, gettertools finds farms based of a weekly change of population. Generally gettertools seems to find good farms, but it is a good idea to do scouting or send just one attack at first to check the farms defenses.

    To add farms to a farmlist, first you need to select if you want to use an existing farmlist or if the bot should create a new one. (You need to set the village you want the FL to be created in) Next, enter X and Y coordinates, from which to start the search, range of the search. And finally the troop type and amount.

    Once you hit start the bot will start loading coordinates from gettertools. Then a FarmViewer window will show up. Here you can edit which farms will get added in the table in the upper left corner or select only farms with a certain population using the filter.
    When you are happy with the selection, hit "Start FarmAdder" and all the selected farms will get added to the farmlist you've selected in the previous window.
    If for some reason the STATUS of added farms in the lower left table was "ERROR" everytime. Pause the FarmAdder with the pause button and try tweaking the FarmAdder delays in Settings>FarmAdder.

    Disclaimer: Do NOT leave the FarmAdder running for too long when every farm reports an ERROR. Tweak the delays first. If that does not fix the issue you can contact me.

    Once all the farms were added you can retry adding farms that reported an ERROR with the "Retry all" button or retry farms individually in the table below.

    Note: The FarmAdder will create a new farmlist once the number of farms reached more than 100 to create space for new ones. One known issue is when you are adding farms to an existing FL, the new farmlist might not be created in the correct village. So I recommend telling the bot to create a new FL when you are planning to add more than 100 farms.

  • Headless driver

    Unchecking the "Headless driver" will start a bot controlled browser visible to you. The bot is controlling that browser session and you can see what it's doing.

    You can operate this browser too, while the bot has nothing to do.
    But do not interfere with the browser when the bot is doing a task as it might lead to an unexpected exception.

  • AttackChecker

    AttackEvader is a tool that sends all of your troops from a village right before an attack. You can specify where to send the troops in the settings. Each village has its own set of coordinates where the troops are sent when under attack.

    Attack warnings simply warn you when an attack is detected in one of your villages. A notification will pop up and a sound will be played. The notification contains information when the attack was detected, in what village and when it's arriving. You can also enable email notifications in the settings.

  • CropChecker

    CropChecker keeps track of a crop levels of your village and can automatically use the NPC merchant to trade resources should the crop overflow or underflow. You don't have to worry about your troops starving or your resources going to waste.

In case of any issues feel free to contact me!