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Welcome to TravBot!

TravBot is a travian bot mainly focused on farmlist management and raiding functionality, but it can be used for its other own distinct features as well. TravBot does not control its own farmlists, so you do need goldclub to use the farmlist sending functionality. You can use the bot without goldclub too.

    Main features

  • Farm search and adding
    This bot can search for inactive farms and add them into farmlists automatically. Bot can fetch data about all the farms on the server at once. It also allows you to add farms within a specified distance range and apply various filters.
  • Goldclub farmlist sending
    Most imporantly it is able to send farmlist waves automatically. You determine how often and the bot can also stop attacks that are not going through and save you some troops that way.
  • Farmlist linking and interval time curve
    Multiple farmlists can be sent together at once or with different intervals. The bot also features a profiler. This tool enables you to change the frequency of your attacks depending on the time of day or you can stop sending entirely for certain periods. During the night for example.
  • Crop level tracking
    The bot can keep track of the crop level in your village and use NPC trader to automatically  prevent crop overflows or underflows so your raid army doesn't starve.
  • Attack evasion
    You can use its AutoEvader feature to evade incoming attacks. The bot will simply send your troops to a specified location before the enemy attack.
  • Attack warnings
    You can be also directly warned about incoming attacks by an audible notification or by sending you an email.
  • The bot has some security features that make it less detectable. Proxies are implemented as well.

TravBot v3.0 user interface
TravBot v3.0 user interface

Details and requirements

TravBot can run on all major platforms and supports regular travian legends. The first version of the bot was created in October 2017 and it has been improving ever since. Every now and then the bot might still run into issues. See the contact page for means of reporting issues or seeking support.

Feel free to join the discord channel for annoucements and easy communication.


The bot requires java to be installed on your system. You can download java here.
Google Chrome
As of right now, TravBot uses chrome binaries to run its internal browser. For this reason you do need to have Google Chrome installed on your system. Usually the latest version will work fine. You may run into issues with some versions. You can contact me to resolve those. Generally I would suggest version 73+. You can download chrome here.
    Supported systems
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

The bot should also be able to run on Raspberry Pi, although it requires a special installation

Consider donating

If you appreciate the work, you can support the developement with a monetary donation.

Thanks to donations I can dedicate more time to developement and improvement of the bot. Donations are the only source of resources that help the bot keep running.

Any donation, no matter how large, would be greatly appreciated.

Support TravBot with a donation

Contribute to bot translation

The bot user interface supports dynamic language change. The system is rather simple but it does work.

If you want to see the bot localised in your own language or any language you know, you can contribute to the TravBot translation spreadsheet. I do update the spreadsheet with new phrases as the developement goes on.

You can also be credited for you work once I create an about section in the bot. Provided you let me know that you helped :).

Translation spreadsheet ⇢