Browser setup

Before logging in it is necessary to setup the browser the bot will use. On the first launch the browser setup window will appear automatically.

There are a few settings which require to be set properly.

Chrome executable path

The first one is the path to the Chrome executable. This path is auto-generated by the bot but it is a good idea to check if the path is correct. It needs to point to the executable of a valid chrome installation.


Your browser's useragent is a piece of text that identifies the browser. It is necessary to set this useragent to be identical to the one your regular browser that you play travian with has. You can get your useragent here When visiting a site to get your useragent make sure you are visting it with the browser you want the useragent to represent, eg. the one you play travian with.

Visible or hidden browser

Using the Run chrome in the background checkbox you can set the browser to either run hidden in the background or if it should be started visible like a regular chrome browser. TravBot uses a fully fledged Chrome browser that, if set to visible, can be used for anything else while TravBot is running. Consider TravBot an automated browser tab. Obviously interfering or closing the tab which the bot is using will cause the bot to malfunction. The advantage is that you can use the browser to play travian while the bot is inactive. The drawback is that the browser cannot be hidden, it can be minimized at best. You can later logout with the bot, change this setting in browser setup, apply settings and restart the browser in a different mode using the restart browser button.

Chrome profiles

There is one more important setting. You can specify a chrome profile for the bot to use. By default, TravBot creates a new empty chrome profile that it's browser uses.
A chrome profile is a set of data that contains various information like your visited pages, bookmarks, addons and most importantly for travian, your cookies.

Using regular chrome profile with the bot

(optional, but recommended)

If you are using Chrome to play travian or do not mind using it from now on you can set the bot to use a chrome profile that your regular Chrome browser is using. This is recommended since it makes the travbot browser indistinguishable from a regular chrome browser and makes the bot share cookies with regular chrome on your pc. This means that from travian's point of view it won't look like you are using two separate browsers, but just one.. The drawbacks of this approach are that you need to use Chrome to play travian outside of the bot too and you also must close Chrome before starting the bot.

In order to set the profile you need to enable the Use a specific chrome profile checkbox in browser setup and enter a profile path into the field. Your default chrome profile path can be found by starting regular chrome and navigating to the following page:
(put this text into the url bar)


This will open up a page with details about the chrome versions and profile. Profile path is listed as shown in the picture below. The required path is the parent directory of the listed path, circled red.


If you are using a custom Chrome profile, the profile needs to not be in use during bot login.
This means that Chrome must not be running during that time. Once the bot logs in Chrome can be used normally again. It just must be shut down for the bot to start.


If you intend to use the visible browser TravBot is controlling consider unchecking the Mute browser option to make the browser capable of playing sounds like YouTube etc.