To start the bot you just need to enter your travian login information. The same details that you use when logging into travian normally.
  • Username - Your travian ingame username
  • Password - Your travian ingame password
  • Server - The travian server URL. Both following formats work: or

You might want to check which travian url you use to open up travian.
By default the bot navigates to the server domain itself, eg., but you might want to navigate to, for example or

To set where the bot should navigate on login you can go to Menu > Settings > Browsing, check the Navigate to specific page on login checkbox and enter a page like /dorf1.php or /login.php.

Then you can press the login button.
At this point it is a good idea to open up the console and watch the output.
On a successful login a chrome window should open and you can see the bot log in. Unless you decided to switch the browser to the hidden mode in browser setup.
Once the bot is logged in the following output should be seen in the console and the main table should show a new sender.