Troop trainer

The troop trainer trains troops in a village. To start training troops, first you need to create the troop trainer task like so

New task > Troop trainer

A troop trainer task will be created. Assign the task to a sender and open the trainer settings.

The troop trainer settings dialog will open.

Function description:

Village The village to train the troops in.
Train mode
The entered troop values will be interpreted as percentages of the maximum amount of troops that can be trained. For example, if you set to train 50% legionnaires. Once the trainer starts and you have enough resources to train 70 legionnaires. The trainer will train 50% of 70, thus 35.
The absolute mode will attempt to train the exact number of troops entered. If there aren't enough resources to train the desired amount, the trainer will decide based on the strict training checkbox. When strict training is unchecked, the trainer will train all the troops it can. If strict training is enabled, the trainer will only train troops if the set number of troops can be trained.
Troops The amount/percentage of troops to train for each type.
Prerequisites The list of sliders represent the required percentual range of resources that need to be present for the trainer to start training. Each slider has a checkbox next to it. If the checkbox is checked, the resource condition is active. The sliders define a range within the trainer can proceed with training. This allows you to for example only train troops if you have more than 20% of each resource.

When you are done with the settings don't forget to click the apply button to save the settings for the task.