Here are some tips on how to solve common problems with the bot.
Feel free to contact me if you are unsure what the issue might be.
If you are asking about a problem then always provide console logs and/or screenshots of the problem. See section how to send console logs.

Errors on login or startup

  • Make sure you've extracted the TravBot executable

    There are some issues during bot startup that could be caused by the bot being launched from within an archive. Just make sure that you've extracted the .zip you've downloaded. (For example with WinRar)

  • Try deleting / renaming the TravBot application data directory.

    If the bot started you can go to Settings > General and click the Open appdata directory. This directory is where the bot saves it's data. Try renaming or deleting this folder (Folder name is travbot) and restarting the bot. This might fix issues sometimes. Obviously you will lose saved bot data. Even if this solution worked for you it's good to report the problem or contact me.

Cannot login with the bot

(Login not successful)
  • Check that the travian server is correct

    Make sure that you entered a valid travian server url. Both and or any other formats should be fine, since the actual server url is parsed from it. Also make sure that the server you are logging into has a travian version the bot supports. Currently the bot only supports the latest offical travian legends versions and version T4.5 found on private servers like TTWars

  • Check the initial login page

    When you log in the bot's output console will display the travian url it's attempting to load, for example: Loading travian login page: This should be the url you usually use to open up travian. It's a combination of the parsed url and the Navigate to a specific page on login setting located in Menu > Settings > Browsing set to /login.php. This setting is meant to only specify the page and not the whole url.
    By default the bot navigates to the domain itself. Like Travian servers usually redirect this url to, but you might want to navigate to the /login.php page directly or even straight to /dorf1.php. This can be set using the already mentioned Navigate to a specific page on login setting using /login.php or /dorf1.php respectively.

  • Make sure the browser zoom level is set to 100%

    If the browser is visible it's possible it's zoom level changed from the default 100%.
    In Chrome you can use ctrl + mouse wheel or ctrl + +/- to change the zoom level so it's exactly 100%. The bot won't work with different zoom levels. From travbot version v12.2 you should be warned automatically about unusual zoom levels.

Browser startup problems

(Failed to start driver / Browser failed to start / Chromedriver session not created!)

These problems generally have an explanation in the error message dialog that shows up. Here's more details.

  • Driver initalisation error

    This error shows up when the Chrome browser is missing a program called chromedriver that is used to control it. TravBot is meant to automatically download appropriate chromedriver versions and setup executable permission on linux. However this may sometimes fail.

    In the case that chromedriver download attempt failed you need to download the correct chromedriver for your current Chrome version. Obviously you need to have Google Chrome installed. It is one of the requirements. You can see which version Chrome is at by navigating to chrome://version. Then you can download an appropriate chromedriver from The downloaded archive containing a single chromedriver file needs to be extracted and placed into a directory next to the TravBot executable named drivers and subdirectory matching your operating system. Either /win, /lin or /mac for Windows/Linux/Mac.
    The desired path on Windows for example might be *travbot directory*/drivers/win/chromedriver.exe.

  • Chromedriver session not created

    Usually this means that your Chrome version does not match your chromedriver version. You can find the exact error message in the console.
    TravBot should automatically download the appropriate chromedriver version so first try running the browser setup that checks for any updates. Otherwise if you don't know what to do it might be a good idea to contact me.

  • Chromedriver failed to start

    This is the most common problem with starting the browser, it can be caused by multiple things.

    • If more than one TravBot instance is already running

      TravBot cannot be started twice while using the same Chrome profile. This means that in order to start multiple instances you need to make sure that each has a different chrome profile path set. This can be done by checking the Use a specific chrome profile checkbox in browser setup and setting the path to a different chrome profile. If no chrome profile exists in the specified location a new one will be created.
      Be aware of the risks of using default/empty chrome profiles. More information about chrome profiles can be found here.

    • If you are using the recommended shared regular Chrome profile

      This is then most likely caused by regular Chrome still running. Chrome needs to not be running while starting TravBot and using the regular chrome profile. This is because chrome profiles cannot be used to start Chrome while they are still in use. After starting TravBot regular Chrome can be used as usual even when the bot's browser is running in background.

    • A previously started Chrome browser is hanging

      There simply can be a Chrome process running that was started by TravBot previously but wasn't closed properly. Easiest solution is to just close Chrome.

    • A hanging chromedriver process

      If you are only running TravBot once you should check your Task Manager if any chromedriver processes aren't running in the background while the bot is not running. End all of them. (On Windows the process is called chromedriver.exe)

How to generate console logs

To report an error or send console logs you can simply press the Send log to developer button in the console window which will open up an error reporting dialog that sends logs over for you together with more detailed information about the browser.
This is the recommended way

Alternatively you can also use the Generate console logs button. This generates two log files in the /logs/ directory next to the TravBot executable. You can then send these text files in an email or share them on discord (via a pm). Also note that on each bot exit exit logs are generated automatically in the same folder. This is useful to get logs of older problems.

TravBot console window